China Outdoor Energy Storage Power Conference | Aohai Technology is deeply involved in the development of industry standards



On May 26, 2022, Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute and Guangdong Electronics and Digital Industry Association hosted the first China Outdoor Energy Storage Power Supply Conference. Aohai Technology Co., Ltd., as the deputy leader of the energy storage power group standard drafting committee, participated in the seminar and delivered a keynote speech.


Under the background of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", the world is accelerating the development of renewable energy. At the same time, energy storage power supply is an important tool to regulate and assist renewable energy power generation, so this industry is ushering in a golden period of development. The outdoor power supply industry is developing rapidly, so it is urgent to improve and upgrade the relevant standard system to achieve high-quality development of energy storage power supplies.


The Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute initiated the "Drafting of the Group Standard for the Establishment of Portable Outdoor Power Supplies". Aohai Technology responded to the call, participated in the initiative as soon as it was issued, and became the deputy leader unit of the energy storage power group standard drafting committee. Aohai actively participates in standard discussions and contributes to the healthy and stable development of the energy storage power supply industry.


Since its establishment in 2004, Aohai Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the research and development and innovation of intelligent portable energy products, and outdoor energy storage power products, as an important extension of mobile power products, are also the company's key research and development direction.

At the meeting, Liu Xu, Vice President, said: "If there is no standard for industry development, many problems will arise, such as bottomless quality and homogeneous competition.


As the leader of the outdoor power supply industry, we have the responsibility and obligation to respond to the call of the country, let manufacturers of outdoor power supplies strictly follow the standards and specifications of the landing to produce and test, control product quality, make outdoor power supply products safer, and make consumers feel more at ease when using them. "


In the future, in the development process of the outdoor energy storage power supply industry, Aohai Technology will increase investment in research and development, continue to innovate, make technological breakthroughs in each module, create more good products for consumers, and create more development opportunities for the industry!


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