Following the trend of the time and the strategies of the parent company Dongguan Aohai Technology Co.,Ltd, Aohai Digital Power embarks on businesses in the clean energy industry. 


We are committed to providing customers with integrated energy solutions for solar power generation, storage, and charging, as well as data-driven energy solutions. Our business covers inverters, balcony PV, energy storage products, EV chargers, and server power supplies. Driven by quality and innovation, we aspire to provide our customers the most suitable energy-efficient solutions.

Company Culture


To join global decarbonization efforts for a more sustainable future by making green energy more accessible through technological innovation.



Enhancing the efficient application of green energy.



Driven by quality and innovation, we aspire to create and win together by providing our customers the most suitable energy-efficient solutions.


Our Team

Driven by our aspiration and the power of technology to drive a more sustainable future. We are a vigorous team with highly professional skills. Core technical team members have been digging deep in related fields for many years and have rich experience in the development of PV inverters. We believe that competitiveness comes from advanced technology. That's why we prioritize theoretical design and simulation verification in the early stages of product development, aiming to solve more than 80% of development issues during the design phase. Our robust testing and verification team guarantees our products' quality and excellent performance.


We are committed to leveraging our expertise and experience to develop innovative and reliable energy storage solutions that meet the needs of our clients.