Adherence to sustainable development is equivalent to technological innovation and value creation for the long-standing prosperity of our enterprise and the sake of the humanity.

Leo Liu

Chairman of Dongguan Aohai Technology Co.,Ltd


Green and efficient development

Aohai Digital Power fulfills our environmental promise of low carbon, efficiency and green development by virtue of our green operation system, and products with improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

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Exploration for innovation, act for the good of others

Aohai Digital Power lays great emphasis on technological research, and makes the best of technological innovation and breakthroughs for the sake of the humanity.

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Compliance & Integrity

With integrity as the foundation of corporate governance, we honor the commercial principle of compliance, and maintain efficient, high-quality and sustainable development of the enterprise.

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ESG Report

Welcome to obtain Aohai technology ESG annual report, aware of the main progress in the past year, as well as the contribution to the international goal of sustainable development.


Environmental protection achievements in 2022

For every one million RMB(148,800 USD) of revenue, we reduced

-10.7 %

Reduction of water use

-3.2 %

Reduction of Electricity use

-4.2 %

Reduction of waste


Considering climate change as a major issue influencing the sustainable development and one of the principal risks, Aohai constantly makes analysis and takes corresponding measures for greenhouse gas adaptation and mitigation. In terms of mitigating climate change, we persistently analyze and control internal energy consumption, and successfully reach the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions step by step through green design, green factory, energy management, and products and solution characterized by efficient energy generation, saving and transition.

The goal of carbon emission reduction in 2023 is reducing the carbon emission per unit of output by 3% in comparison with 2022. The carbon emission per unit of output in 2022 was 0.0482 t CO2e/1,000 USD, and is expected to be 0.0468 t CO2e /1,000 USD for 2023.

Firstly, Aohai Technology has established a relatively comprehensive energy-saving management organization and subsequently developed a series of energy management systems, including energy procurement, measurement, statistics, production process management, and quota assessment, effectively promoting the effective implementation of various energy-saving work in the company.


Aohai Technology comprehensively manages and promotes energy conservation, emission reduction, and consumption reduction at the company level. On the one hand, it adopts energy-saving measures and promotes clean production at the product level to improve usage efficiency and save energy; On the other hand, equipment renovation should be carried out at the operational level, eliminating equipment that has exceeded the specified service life, has significant safety hazards, and is highly energy consuming and polluting, and strengthening daily energy conservation management.



Quality Policy

Meticulously manufacture, keep improving; Sincere service to win customers. 

Occupational Health

People oriented, prevention oriented; Safety production, continuous improvement. 

Environmental Policy

Abide by laws and regulations and strictly supervise; Continuous improvement and sustainable operation.


Quality Policy, Occupational Health, Environmental Policy