Aohai Digital Power × RoEnergy



On October 4–6, Aohai Digital Power joint hands with RoEnergy in Romania to present our products in the European market, bringing Aohai energy solutions to more customers.

RoEnergy is Romania's No.1 Platform on renewable energies, for three days, under the same roof, in a unique event, further supporting the transition of Romania towards a sustainable economy.



Aohai Digital Power is a technology-based company focusing on the efficient application of green energy with strong manufacturing capacity. We are here to join global decarbonization efforts for a more sustainable future by making green energy more accessible through technological innovation.

Four categories of products, including Hybrid inverters, Energy Storage Products, Balcony system and EV chargers are showcased at the exhibition, which together give full play to the use of solar power.



Our up-coming single-phase hybrid inverter, the AH-3-6KSL series, is easier to install with plug-and-play connectors, saving up to 60% time on installation. The screwless and compact design makes it ideal for residential applications. Multiple advanced technologies help achieve its excellent performance in safety, durability, and longevity. Up to 180% oversizing ratio and 120A Max. charging and discharging current. Hai Power App help you manage your power within touches. We also have three-phase inverters for different grid types.

Our energy storage products, with high voltage and low voltage ranging from 6 kW to 40 kW, can work in -20℃-45℃. EV chargers ranging from 7kW to 480kW, for residential and commercial use, the Future series powers your way with high efficiency. Also, Aohai has Balcony system that leverages the power of every ray of sunlight from your balcony. 

Driven by quality and innovation, we aspire to create and win together by providing our customers with the most suitable energy-efficient solutions. And together for a powered future! 



Aohai Digital Power is looking for partners worldwide to grow and win together! Looking forward to creating our stories...



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